The Teammate

The place I currently work is a high end sales job, which would typically mean that the amount of females might be scarce, and that would be true in this case as well.  It is your typical boys club atmosphere, regular team outings to the bar with an open tab, inappropriate jokes and pranks…the typical stuff.  Things took an interesting turn when several very attractive ladies were hired, for what reason we still don’t truly know, but none are complaining.  It became quickly apparent that these young girls got along with our antics and fit in well, as they had all previously worked at bartending or waitress jobs and were used to “the boys”.  

At a recent team outing for a night of all expenses paid booze fest, one of the young ladies in question, with whom I have had very limited interaction with due to her being in a relationship, came and chatted with me.  I reciprocated and we continued downing shot after drink, not always in that order.  Toward the end of the night after much witty banter, she simply looked at me and asked me to go to my place…right now.  Without hesitation I escorted her out and caught the first cab. In the cab she was all over me, sitting on my seat cowgirl style and wasting no time.  We got inside the door and before I could give her the ever so brief tour she had me on the bed, and was already undressing.  Needless to say it was a good time.

We had to work the next day, but it wasn’t expected by our boss to be in the finest form, nor be on time.  We stumbled in around 10, after I drove her home to get changed and make herself somewhat presentable.  What I didn’t realize is that the entire team had watched us quickly sneak out the night before and made their assumptions already.  Nobody said much, but they knew.  We didn’t talk much that day, mostly due to the hangover and lack of sleep, but she did say that she has never cheated before and felt very bad.  I took this as a bad sign.  I sign that this is where the train stopped for me. However, over the next week we chatted, flirted at work discretely, she sent me an invite to her birthday party, and she went so far as to say that if she was single, she would be all over it and how fun our lunch hours would be.  She texted me a bit tipsy late last Saturday, but declined my invitation to meet up.

So today I stopped flirting.  I gave minimal responses to her emails and chats and when she asked if I was still coming to her birthday party, (to which her bf will be attending) I responded with “which one of your cute friends are you going to hook me up with?”  She gave an excuse that her friends were either crazy or hooked up already…which is what I expected.  I am going to see how this works out, but in order to revive our one time rendezvous, I am going to have to play this aloof.  Stay tuned.


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